Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration Day at the Walters

For my inspiration day I went to the Walter's museum. For my semester long project I'm putting together 3 paper-cut out scenes that involve animals, people, and an environment for them to live in, so I focused everything I saw for inspiration. I took several pictures of scenes with animals and humans in them to see how they put together foreground - middle ground - and background. I also was paying particular attention to the shapes of the figures; I want to be able to convey simple shapes in my scenes.

My girl character is also wearing masks in each of the scenes so I took a lot of pictures in the room of wonders, the skeleton structures made for good inspiration:

Since many of the scenes are carving into the paper, and taking away from it, I looked at a lot of the ceramics to see how they created depth from a flat plane:

And finally I took tons of pictures of paintings with several panels, since I'm trying to tell a story through my three panels without actually having text. 

The trip to the Walters was a lot more helpful than I thought it would be! Originally I went to look at how the renaissance paintings used depth and animals in their compositions, since I'm trying to put together a composition in a tiny area - but as I went through the entire museum I noticed the different styles and techniques of different artists. It helped because I'm creating different moods in my panels, and by seeing the different styles I was able to observe how one particular style created a different mood. Also, I was really happy to see so many paintings that were illustrative stories through several panels. I think I have about 40 pictures and I'm going through to see what stays the same in which panels and why and how the artist visually tells the story through just pictures. The art of Asia was also helpful because many of the sculptures included animals made purely out of simple shapes - which is what I need to do to make my panels. Overall the trip was enlightening and successful, I was kind of stuck as to how I was going to create visual depth from paper, but now I'm feeling more confident. Also, seeing the stories from panel to panel is helpful to analyze what I need to do to make my story evident. 

Below I've attached a picture of a grumpy security guard who was being harassed by several high school students that I felt were super obnoxious. Proof of me going to the Walters~ 

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