Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspiration Day

Hello--since I've already done my research at the library, I decided to use this day to begin the hardest piece in my series.  For this piece, I wanted to base the colors and composition off of Disney fairytale movie stills, and went through movie stills of sleeping beauty to find inspiration.
First, I started with a pencil sketch.  This took me longer than I expected, and I was having a lot of problems with the paper.  I decided to sketch digitally, and chose to stick to the digital sketch which I've uploaded.

Then, I colored it--and hated it.  I redid the colors, began rendering, and this is where I am as of today.
I think it's still in the "ugly phase," but I like what I've laid out.  The stairs are obviously a wreck but it's salvageable (i think.)  I think its manageable and will have a good result.

Also, I organized the pages of my book and decided to set my goal at two more pieces--a tiny spot illustration, and an acrylic painting.  I also have two ink characiatures that I hope to finish.

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