Friday, November 18, 2011

semester long project

I spent the day working on finalizing the layout/composition of my postcards, particularly the card I am creating for Sound Garden. I will also be making cards for Fell's Point, the Inner Harbor, Red Emma's Coffeehouse, Bohemian Coffeehouse, MICA, and the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. The biggest issue/question I've run into so far is whether or not I want to include hand-lettering for the front/back of the postcards-- for example, should I just insert Sound Garden's logo into the bottom of the top image below or refine my rendering of it?
I was also playing with the idea of illustrating Robert's name differently for every postcard; for this I'd draw a larger version of his name, scan it, and then place it on the card. Once again, I'm running into the question of whether or not it would be better to just type his name/address out on the computer. The left side of the postcard below is where Garrett (Robert's best friend who is also living in the Baltimore area) and I would write our description/stories of the location. I want to keep that part in handwriting because it seems more sincere/personal, whereas typing it out would seem way too formal for the relationship we have with Robert.
Other than that, I plan on rendering my drawings with watercolor and ink, as is my repertoire, and I'll be doing so with the help of images I took last Friday and days previous. On a different note, would it be ok to have the orientation of my postcards vary? I feel like some of the locations would be better suited to have a vertical composition, but I don't want those postcards to seem out of synch with the others. 

Any feedback/ideas would be welcomed!

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