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Semester long: Jane Kim

For my project I am planning on making an illustrated children's book based on an essay that my little brother Joseph wrote for his english class. The essay is about a trip that my family and I took to Korea last summer and his experiences visiting our home country for the first time. Below I've included a few sketches and notes based on this project. I have also included my edited version of his essay as well as side notes on  how I am planning on doing the drawings. I've also researched a number of self publishing websites as well as photo album sites that came useful to me in calculating time and pricing. It's a lot but I am confident I will finish on time.Enjoy!

Edited by Jane Kim
Illustration I Final Project
Children’s book
*Italics: Notes for illustration ideas, composition, color, and lighting.

Title: Untitled

Hi, my name is Joseph and I am 11 years old!  I live with my parents and my two sisters, Jane and Lisa. We have lived here before I was even born and now we are moving back to our home country, Korea.

Now my new home is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. When we arrived, the city was filled with bright lights and colors! Every building and every house was so close together; it was like a big town squished together so there were no gaps in between!
Whole family in the car driving past a bustling city at night. Flashing signs, lights, and traffic.

At our new house, everything looked so bright and clean. It was the most luxurious house I have ever seen! There were huge windows, shiny floors, and we even had two refrigerators!

But as much as I wanted to explore more of our new home, my eyes started to get tiring. Soon I couldn’t stop yawning, so my mom put me in bed. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning.
One page, Joe sleeping on Korean bed sheets on wooden floor as mom closes the door.
Dark with light source coming from open door.

The next day my mom and I decided to see the rest of the neighborhood, and let me say this, Korea has so much food! Our small little neighborhood had all the tastes of the world!
Wide view of all sorts of bakeries, eateries, street food, and other stores. Featuring many people eating, talking, walking. Mom at a stand paying for take-out lunch while Joe looks at the setting.

After that we went to visit my dad’s new office. The room was small but somehow my dad fit his meeting table, his desk, a chair, and a mini fridge! It may look big but it really wasn’t.
Mom holding lunch standing in front of the entryway with Joe. Joe with a  surprised expression looks on as workers try to fit everything in the small room. Dad helping one of the workers waves at them.

On our walk back home we saw a huge park for bikes and for jogging! Ever since we found that park my mom and dad thought that we should buy two bikes!
View of a wide landscape with view of a river, dad baying for bikes at a bike stand in the corner.

Everyday was a busy day for me. My parents thought that I should get private lessons. The classes that I took were Korean, guitar, ping-pong, piano, and a traditional sport called tae-kwon do. The classes were fun but I was so busy! It was like school but worse! I had to go to lessons every ten minutes! Now I know why people say time flies.
Joe centered in the middle running with all the lessons surrounding him. OR Joe trying to handle every activity all at once.

As quickly as my summer was passing by, my family and I all managed to find time to visit my grandma’s.  I didn’t know we had so much family here in Korea! So many aunts, uncles, and cousins! It really was endless!
A small thumbnail of our family in front of grandma’s door with her greeting us.
A bigger picture of our family (maybe take reference to a master’s painting for composition?; Pierre’s Luncheon at the Boating Party) Joe in the side playing video games with Chan and Che-yee, others helping out with food, setting table, talking, laughing.

On the last day we all decided to go back to the park, and luckily we were in time to see the fireworks show. As we all snuggled up in our blankets looking at the show in the sky I felt sad as to how the summer was already over. It felt just like yesterday how we came to Korea and now we had to go.
Overall view of the night sky with a show of fireworks with the family settled in the bottom of the page under a huge blanket.

This summer was like fireworks. There was so much excitement and happiness that had to fade away so quickly, leaving only a trail of smoke as a way to remember those bright colors once again.
One page; black smoke aftermath of the fireworks.
Small thumbnail of a set of three luggage. 

Sketches (pages 1-4)

Websites, notes on pricing..

self notes on page setup

before edit: storyboard ordering

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