Friday, November 18, 2011

Bring Hockey Back 2 Bmore

Most of my project so far has consisted of research, researching things I never even considered.
What sparked the idea for the project is my love of ice hockey. The Washington Capitals played the Nashville Predators on Tuesday September 20th 2011 at the First Mariner Arena formally known as the Civic Center. Apparently Baltimore used to have minor league hockey teams and teams a part of the American
Hockey League. My idea for the project is to Bring Hockey Back 2 Bmore. There were three teams over the years the Clippers 1962-1977, Skipjacks 1981-1993 and one of the players Bruce Boudreau whom I met a few years ago, is the current head coach of the Capitals, and finally the Baltimore Bandits 1995-1997. This game was pretty big The Baltimore Classic brought the first hockey game back in 14 years! The 1st Mariner was over a bit over heated for the game and the rink was kinda small and oh yeah we lost. Whomp whomp. I still had fun! The seats I sat in were at the top BUT cannot complain 1. I didn't pay for the tickets 2. I could see everything. Back in the mid 1960s my seat would
have cost $1.50 and the front row seats only $4.00!!
I learned from going there that the history of ice hockey in Baltimore stretches all the way back to 1896 when Yale University played the Blue Jays of John Hopkins University inside a new arena on North Avenue! Possibly the first ever collegiate hockey game EVER played in the United States!
There aren't as many
rinks near by as I am used to growing up in Montgomery County. One must also consider the costs of playing and financing an interest in hockey it is really exp
ensive. Anyway, I also did research and found that Baltimore and a lot of organizations want to build a New First Mariner or something. I am totally on board with it. It will create more jobs, help revitalize the area, and there will be bigger shows. As for professional Sports Teams:
Well we cannot exactly compete with the fan base and popularity of the Washington Capitals, one of the best hockey teams in the NHL hands down. S
o an NBA team might be in the works and most people are/will be satisfied with bringing back an AHL Hockey team. Baltimorians want their ice hockey back!

Alright here are the old Logos for the teams
I had trouble posting those in order actually adding them to my text at all. Anyway, I had to research what exactly a "Clipper" or "Skipjack" was, um what other animals started with the letter "B", other animals considered
to be "Bandits". "Clippers" are ships that are narrow have great speed (I could go on) Skipjacks are a ty

pe of tuna and a type of boat. The latter being used in Maryland fisheries for oysters. I was thinking about redesigning all the logos for t shirts or posters. Not sure how I can redesign some of them umm like the boat related ones. I did sketches and I thought why not connect all 3 some how. An animals plus water related and alliteration! yay fun my favorite design so far is the Baltimore Blue Crabs. I don't know why I didn't think of it before BUT the jerseys I looked them up and they are hideous so I think I will redesign or design a jersey and hopefully have one made or find a blank hockey jersey and paint it myself!
I hope that Baltimore would actually use my design. Um I didn't get as far as I had hoped I plan on posting clearing designs for the Logos asap and would really appreciate if you guys stay tuned and gave me your opinion on them. Should I just try to manipulate the old logos? I don't know maybe too easy or too hard actually?

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