Friday, November 18, 2011

Rise & Conquer (SLP)

Hello! For my project I decided to create a series of posters for the Maryland Zoo. I am focusing on their two ravens, Rise and Conquer. These also happen to be the live mascots for the Baltimore Ravens. I didn't know these two ravens were at the zoo, so I thought I'd try to bring some attention to them. I WAS going to go to the zoo today, but there were some complications with transportation and timing. I checked out the Maryland Zoo site and found the page about the two birds. There are some videos on youtube that I checked out as well. I did some sketches, but haven't come up with anything final just yet. So far I've tried to combine football images with the birds because I feel like that kind of a big thing here. I've got a raven in a ravens helmet and another image with both of the birds flying over the stadium. I also thought to have a portrait of the two, but seems a little boring. I'm still trying to come up with some non-football related images.

If I can't get to the zoo tomorrow I might just call them.
Their page:

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