Friday, November 18, 2011

Hampden Zine Post

Hey Guys! So today I went into Hampden to do research for my zine.
I went into a bunch of shops and took some pictures to get more of a sense of the culture of Hampden. Since the DIY culture is big in Hampden, (zines at Atomic Book, handmade accesories at 9th life, and clothing at Double Dutch) I want to portray that with my zine. With this in mind, I started embroidering the cover of the zine and I'm going to incorporate applique and embroidery throughout the zine. Here are some pictures from today and sketches:

a sketch of some interesting buildings in hampden

final sketch for my cover: the letters Hampden will be hand-embroidered
and the rest will be acrylic?? not sure yet
painted crab shells with baltimore icons

a funky window display for 9th Life
some books and things from Avenue Antiques

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