Thursday, February 10, 2011

well thats not what i expected 2!

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  1. hey michele!

    so, this is a great idea... (again! you're good with narrative concepts), but like the gnome under the bed piece, this would benefit from some more observational drawing/planning from reference. The figures are sorta weird... but not "confident weird" (you know the difference? like you based it on reality & then changed things to make them more your style, so they are odd, but grounded by reality and therefore more confident).
    I think you handle the black/white and the ideas of shapes versus lines very well... and the composition is an improvement over the past, but the figures need work. the one on the left is leaning weirdly and the arms are awkwardly bent. The one on the right is a little more confident, but the scale change is strange... is she that much further back in space than he is, or what? I also think the jars could use a re-draw--- make us believe they are jars! check your perspective on them and watch the shape of the opening versus the bottom. Have someone hold a jar for you & draw from life.

    I might also commit a little more to the left tree-- use the one in the back on the right as a reference... that one is great!