Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's not what I expected Round II

Here's my final sketch for the brush and ink final for this project.

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  1. not much in the way of complaints here!
    just a few things that i think will tighten things up...

    1.) i'd eliminate the dots on the bottom hem/ leg opening of both boxer leg holes. bc its all flat shape, those dots end up getting read as part of his leg/ leghole shadow and its weird. Actually, I might just make the dots all smaller, so you can move them around more.

    2) im not loving the shadows his feet/he is casting... i might try to have him cast a nice long shadow instead-- that way you use the whole body, add contrast on the white aisle and avoid the clumsy "slippers" looking shadows under his feet.

    3.) when you change that, then the last thing is his left foot (our right)... maybe a little larger? look at a real foot for reference. its getting lost too easily.

    thats it!