Thursday, February 10, 2011

i hope this never happens

sorry this is on the late side, I had a hard time with the floor space and deciding what to do with it D:


  1. YIKES!

    ok, a.) that is terrifying. b.) that is awesome.

    seriously though, this is a great solution to the sketch "problem" from last week... your choice of what to make black/white was handled well and i think you made some good calls all around. I have a few questions/revisions:

    1.) the doorway... im guessing the splotchy bumpies at the bottom are in error and not part of the door design. If they ARE intentional, i'd reconsider them. Also, make sure your door is straight.

    2.) it wasnt (as) clear to me in the sketch... the "penis" thing is actually part of something the guy is wearing on his head? {{{shudder}}}} I'd like to understand his face a little better... is he wearing make up? crying? a clown?

    3.) the guy's posture is a little weird. i believe he is meant to be leaning back, but his head makes that hard to tell. get some reference and double check that.

    4.) again, im sure its not intentional, but just in case, watch the line work from her rib cage going into her boob and also the thickness of the penis thing-- i know we talked about that, and it IS better, but still not 100%... maybe thicker line where it meets his knee? and a little more of the side visible up towards the top. Also, i might either shift her arm down or raise the penis thing up a bit so we cna see it attaching to his head... right now its hard to tell that it and the helmet thing are the same object.

    5.) side of the bed...? what are the big black ovals? shadows/folds? if so, work with the sheet a little more, again, use reference, to get that more "foldy" looking.

    that's all!

    (feel better! strep sucks!)

    (i wrote this signed into another account i manage... nevermind that)

  2. sounds good i think i want to go into photoshop with this to mess around with the black and whites if thats alright?

    see you next week, b