Sunday, March 8, 2009

A dump!

I realize that I have not been utilizing this wonderful source for criticism/feedback as much as I should, so here is a smattering of work from Character Development and other classes.

I tried to pick work in which the character design was important.


  1. Love, love, love the cute to brute one.

    The Super Nintendo is a great drawing and I love the ethereal blue / gold colors going on, but I'm not sure about that pixelated background image... I like where it fizzles out alot, but its that sphere in the upper right corner that looks too "pasted in" and distracting. I like the purple beams to the left though, so maybe there's a way to just do that weird, digital mist as a cohesive background texture?

    Sick malnourished turkey vulture chicken from outer space, too.

  2. All of these are fantastic...the halloween poster kind of blows my mind with how awesome it is, I love the way you use color, it's very atmospheric and effective. All your fat-eyed little aliens are so endearing, too, it's so much fun to look at them all.