Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Cris Cimatu Ad Campaign

The following are a couple of sketches I've done for the final project. Just a quick description- I'm going to run a broad spectrum advertising campaign utilizing characters I've designed as kind of mascots. The characters are based off of these kitschy thrift store figurines I find and paint over. I decided on these characters because they are instantly recognizable in a mass consumer culture Americana kind of way and some of them are just plain weird.

Anyway I plan on doing at least one print, outdoor, web based, and video (animation) advertisement. I've started planning out what I want to do for the print materials and right now I'm in a sketch phase. I have one of the characters roughed out (it's a cat- one of the kind you'd get at a paint your own pottery place). My approach for the print material is to use this character in a kind of one page comic narrative. I've been looking at a lot of advertisement strategies and one mark of success I've noticed is an ad that keeps your attention for a long time. So what better way to do that than to draw the viewer into a narrative?

Right now the actual product is pretty vague- I still haven't really decided if I need a product to advertise. To me it would be more interesting to have this body of work be advertisements that comment on advertising, but could still work if there were an actual product. So right now if anyone has any feedback on whether that approach is working on based on these and future sketches please feel free!

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