Saturday, February 7, 2009

This overweight dog thing is now much better.

One time I dated this girl that was really skinny, Dracula feet hands skinny. It was kind of a train wreck of a relationship because we were too young to be as serious about stuff as we were, and she was really really off her rocker. Sometimes I think that might be why I really like drawing things that are fat as fat can be.


  1. This new fat dog is fantastic, and he's so freaking delighted, too :) I love how he looks like he could be a real fat guy that just wandered in one day and fell over in a puddle of joy. I'm not sure why I also associate fatness with happiness, but I like your story about it.

  2. yeah, he is SO into his only fatness. i love it. go fat dog go! (wait, were we going to change the blog name to something like "fat things in underpants?"... it was something like that, right?