Monday, February 23, 2009

3 aliens and cute->brute works

This was a first homework assignment of this Character Development class. I tried to create the good and evil, but it just looks like 3 normal aliens. I have polished this more than I did show this in class.

This is the cute to brute assignment. I feel ashamed to show this because you guys have done brilliantly crazy great works, but this is my valuable work I did. It was fun to do this though.


  1. I really dig this. While still being a fairly fluid transition it has some great pacing. Its very alive and animated. While not really being part of the assignment, it was a really good inclusion.

    Also the cute hat on the brute.

  2. i agree! i think the struggle between #3 and #4 is pretty fabulous.

  3. I find your cute to brute really fantastic, the transformation is engaging and the final product is just awesomely terrible. I think your documentation could be tightened up a little, scanning instead of photographing, or throwing the photos into photoshop and cleaning them up with levels. A few simple fixes could go a long way in how your images come across.