Monday, February 9, 2009


So I think this new sort of digital shading looks a little wack here, It might just look hotter with just the line art, but thats probably largely because I went in really tentatively with the gray and it as with all things should be all in or all out. This is what I learn from watching Sons of Anarchy on Hulu. Actually the guy who decided to go all in was set up by the ATF and his wifes head exploded, so that really wasn't a moral.

Still, in regards to art, All in All out. TV biker gangs aren't illustration.


  1. this is great, nate--- thanks for posting it. I love the use of the space and the way the character transforms. ambitious and successful; i'm glad you did it and really glad you shared it.

  2. Wow It is so great. I should have done like this. I like the way you organize and transform them, every single element of the unicorn.

  3. Looks fantastic..your final is brilliantly majestic :) I find it really attractive as a character, but the transformation is really smooth and the interaction is terrific.