Friday, December 2, 2011

Semester Long, update!

So I found out that my semester long project was way~ out of bounds to the given "rules" to the project; which had me start everything all over again. At first I was in a panic of what to do given the shortness in time, but i decided to go along with the children's book concept but with a fresh story that had to do with
the Baltimore Raven. You could say this is my Baltimore version of the ugly duckling tale...
As for my research in getting the pages printed out in a book format, I decided to make my own book!
I have made books before so I'm excited to see how this one will turn out. I am aware that I don't have much time left, but I'm confident that I can pull this through! Thank you.

And the two children's books that helped me through this project are...
Henry in Love  Peter McCarty
Olivia  Ian Falconer

Book making reference site:

The Little Black Raven
By Jane Kim

There once was a little raven.

But this poor little bird was alone. He had no mommy, no daddy…

And no friends. "You're too big! You're too ugly!" They all cried out.

This made the little raven sad, "Am I ugly?" he questioned.

"Now, who said you looked ugly?" called Mr. Parrot. "I have a huge beak and an even bigger body! So I'm ugly." said the little raven.

"That doesn't mean that you're ugly! That just means you're different!" Mr. Parrot assured. "Different?" asked the little raven. "It means you're special." said Mr. Parrot.

"Imagine a world full the same type of bird." said Mr. Parrot,

"Now Imagine a world full of all different types of birds! All different colors and sizes!"

The little raven gave out a smile. He now understood that everybody was different, not just him alone.

"But the most important and most special part is your heart…"

Then all of a sudden, everything went dark!

"Little raven, little raven," someone called in a distance," please come out, my dear!"

"We missed you!" said the mommy raven. "Yes, what took you so long?" chirped his siblings.

"A dream… A wonderful dream…"

Mark making and testing of the new inks.

indigo, sepia, copper, and india ink

Inner paper lining of the book!

Basic notes of the raven

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