Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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  1. so... the story is a boy finds a girl in the woods and she's just peed and he touches it and then yells out to other people and she's embarrassed?

    (in class, everyone shared their story-- the one they got-- very briefly and then we looked at the images to see if what we read is what they intended). So there's my reading. If its not accurate, it'll give you an idea of what needs to be done differently.

    Technically, i think its a great drawing. Nice expressions on both characters, particularly the girl. I think the composition is strong and your handling of the trees and elements of the bodies is starting to really show a sense of self.

    In terms of growth though, you are still avoiding value. The point of doing these sketches (and having an entire week to prepare them... same amount of time, in most cases, as the color final) is so that you can really PLAN your value choices (and in turn, your color choices). Yes, it takes extra time, but it will most assuredly help the color process go faster and be better when its done. PLease figure out your vale here before you move forward. I also think some of the line work could use some variation. If you are going to do this in watercolor, for example, you'll use either pen or pencil at the end to beef it up--- try not to use the same line weight throughout, if you do.