Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I completely forgot about this thing. Again. Man, I am not used to having blog stuff to post.
Here are a few things I did! Yea!
I'm not sure how character oriented they are, but it seems a lot of people are just posting stuff, so oh well...

I've kind of returned to my roots (i used to be a hardcore portrait artist) and been doing portraits for my thesis this semester, so here are the two that exist as of now:

Kevin Spacey, cuz he's awesome! And he has character! Yea...

And Daniela Sea, who is equally as awesome but who most people probably don't know.

And here's a piece I did for my illustrated book class! this one is more character oriented kind of? 8D

I am currently very divided as far as illustration versus character creations, pretty obviously I guess. I'm still unsure how to put my portfolio together to include both. I think one day I'll just have a secret identity and do two types of illustration. I love both of them too much to give up either.

Well anyway, here's the noid to make sure this looks like a post that belongs in a character development blog. And because his beautiful face is so appropriate for the end of this post.

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