Monday, January 26, 2009

Alas, poor Fat Dog

If I've learned anything from watching Chuck Jones cartoons in my youth, and Reading John K.'s mad rambles in my maturity, its that any part of a character not working is a missed opportunity. The ears and overall mass here I think are used well. Probably some of my inspiration for how an emotional dog acts comes from the tail end of the classic Looney Tune, Feed the Kitty.


  1. still loving the belly flopping in the water!

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  3. He's such a sad sad sad fat thing. I think you did a terrific job with the different stages of despair, though it would always be really fun to push it even further and see just how terrible his pain could be. I wonder if it would start to affect the style of the drawing, or if you could change your style slightly to really relate the emotions he's going through - harsher lines, less controlled, more breaks and jagged edges, and such.
    The design really is a ringer, though. You can't go wrong with a fat dog with tiny little limbs!